About Kalyan

The Meaning of Kalyan

Our name Kalyan comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wellness” or “well-being”. 


Putting Nature Back Into Modern Wellness 

For thousands of years, civilizations have turned to the healing power of plants as medicine. Knowledge of these botanical remedies was handed down from generation to generation to help with many of the common health and wellness problems that people still face today. These natural solutions were remarkably effective and still are today but people have gradually forgotten this precious knowledge. Instead, they have been lured to the convenience of Big Pharma pills and drugs to address their problems. Unfortunately, these synthetic drugs often fall short of addressing people’s problems and in many cases bring along bad side effects. An increasing number of people are unhappy with drug store solutions but most people have never had the opportunity to learn how to use botanicals and so they are stuck with synthetic pills as their only option. We’ve made it our mission to go back to nature and search the globe for the finest ancient botanicals and remedies as well as the best new natural ingredients that modern science has to offer. We take the best of the old world and the best of the new world and craft them into effective, nature-powered wellness tools to nourish your body daily and address the health and wellness challenges that life throws at all of us. 


Performance Wellness 

We design and create our products with a high degree of intentionality. Even though we formulate our products with natural ingredients, we do not compromise on performance. Our goal is to not only develop natural products but to build products that outperform typical drug store synthetic options. We meticulously source all of our ingredients. We select only the finest ingredients and also make sure they are sustainably sourced and do not harm the environment. Each product formulation that we produce is designed one ingredient at a time and each ingredient is selected for its specific wellness benefits and effects. The result is mindful product formulations that are natural and get the job done!


High Performance In A Sassy Chassis

We strive for our products to be beautiful inside and out. We select sleek, elegant packaging for people to enjoy using everyday but we intend for it to be re-used and so we also offer eco-friendly refill options for most products. By re-using and refilling our products, we enable people to greatly reduce single use packaging to only our recyclable pouches. We call our approach to formulation and eco-friendly packaging Performance Wellness and it is built into every product we offer.


We thank you for giving our products a try and welcome you to Kalyan Botanicals!



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