Kalyan Botancials is leading the way creating unique offerings for F&B, In-Room & Retail offerings.  Incorporating USDA Certified Organic Colorado Legal Hemp for CBD + Cannabinoids featured in Cuisine, Desserts and Beverages.  Our unique and innovative products are designed to elevate the culinary experience and promote overall health and well-being.  

Kalyan Botanicals products are made with the highest quality ingredients.  We're committed to providing clients with the best possible offerings and services, and helping them achieve their wellness goals and generating additional revenue.  

Culinary Art Meets Wellness Science:  Kalyan Botanicals CBD+ Infused Offerings Await You. Transforming Food, Beverage & In-Room Offerings.

We’re elevating the culinary experience in a delicious and innovative way.

Please contact us for a consultation to determine what is the best fit for your needs.