CBD Massage Kit 420mg CBD+CBG Full Body Treatment

Kalyan Botanicals

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Our CBD Treatment Kits are a quick and easy way to take the Kalyan CBD Massage System with you on the go. These kits also make a great souvenir or gift to share with friends and loved ones.

For low to moderate levels of pain and inflammation, use our 220mg Targeted CBD Treatment Kit.  For maximum relief of moderate to higher levels of pain and inflammation, use the 420mg Full Body CBD Massage Kit.

The 420mg Fullbody CBD Massage Kit includes:

  • 7.5ml/.25 oz jar CBD Massage Cream (220mg CBD+CBG)
  • 60ml/2oz bottle of CBD Massage Oil (220mg CBD+CBG)

Suggested Use:

This kit provides enough massage cream and massage oil to perform a single 60-90 minute full body massage. First, apply the entire contents of the 7.5ml/.25oz jar of CBD Masssage Cream to problem areas. This will deliver a potent 220mg of CBD+CBG and get to work quickly soothing away inflammation and pain. After applying massage cream to problem areas, switch to applying 1-2oz of cbd massage oil to deliver an additional ~200mg of CBD+CBG to the rest of the body. Apply as much oil as necessary to achieve desired glide for a full body massage.