CBD Culinary

CBD Culinary / F&B

Kalyan is leading the way creating unique offerings for F&B, In-Room & Retail offerings incorporating USDA Certified Organic Colorado Legal Hemp for CBD Cuisine. 

Versatile unique products including…

Culinary Hemp Flower - highest Quality USDA certified Colorado hemp flower.  Flower is full spectrum and can be used for grilling, smoking meats, sautéing, infusing stocks/broths.  This is high CBD hemp flower that has additional cannabinoids and excellent terpenes for culinary applications.

Full-spectrum Chocolate – Kalyan “Black Diamond” Chocolates (Milk & Dark) are < .3% THC making them a fit for a wide range of dishes: mousse au chocolate, shaved as a garnish onto desserts, savory applications like mole, space s’mores,  chocolate martinis, hot chocolate/mocha or standalone.

Hemp Teas - Three varieties including: 50/50 flower+leaf, sleep and immune boost.  The sleep and immune blends use excellent adaptogenic botanicals to deliver functional benefits as well as flavor.

Infused Olive Oil - Olive oils use proprietary broad spectrum cannabinoid blends such as cbd+cbg, cbd+cbn to deliver specific characteristics to dishes. Additionally, we use proprietary terpene profiles for flavor and enhanced effect.

Tinctures - Three types of Kalyan proprietary blend tinctures (no THC) are some of the most potent in the market and are all > 100mg per ml.  They use sophisticated terpene profiles to deliver functional characteristics for relaxation, immune support and anti-stress/anxiety.

Applications for these Kalyan offerings include both cooked and raw dishes, as well as cocktails.  These are all luxury ingredients designed for cooking and creating beverages for innovative upscale F&B clients.