Kalyan CBD Massage System



The Kalyan Massage System is a revolutionary, next generation approach to CBD massage. It was designed from the ground up for professional use by massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and other modalities.  It is however, also a highly effective option for people to use at home in their daily lives for targeted pain relief and self-care.

The system consists of two integral components: Kalyan CBD Massage Cream and Kalyan High Performance Massage Oil.

When used for targeted relief or spot treatments, only the Kalyan CBD Massage Cream is used. For small areas like the hands or feet, apply a small portion of cream about the size of a green pea to problem areas and gently massage it in until the cream is absorbed.  For larger areas like the neck and shoulders or lower back, simply apply more cream and repeat as necessary.

When being used for full body massage, Kalyan CBD Massage Cream is applied first to problem areas such as Neck/Shoulders, lower back etc.. Once the CBD Massage Cream has been applied it will quickly begin soothing sore muscles and joints.   Then Kalyan High Performance Massage oil is applied to develop glide for the massage.