Professional CBD Massage System

The Kalyan CBD+ Massage System enables spas to provide their customers with the Ultimate CBD Massage.  The system was designed from the ground up for professional use by massage therapists, physical therapists and other therapeutic modalities.  It is uniquely designed as a two part system consisting of our CBD Massage Cream and our High Performance Massage Oil.
  • CBD Massage Cream -  delivers an industry leading 880mg of CBD per oz through our Proprietary Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Blend.  There are over 100 known Cannabinoids in hemp flowers such as CBD, THC, CBG and many more.  The massage cream is THC-Free and is not psychoactive. Instead, it incorporates an innovative 10:1 (CBD:CBG) ratio so in addition to the 880mg of CBD per oz. It also delivers 88mg of CBG per oz.  In addition, our custom Cannabinoid blend contains CBC, CBN, CBL and CBT that bring the total Cannabinoids close to 1000mg per oz. This is approximately 15-20 times more potent than typical CBD massage oils.  All of these Cannabinoids work together along with the hemp plant’s other beneficial plant matter such as terpenes and flavanoids.  This is referred to as the “Entourage Effect” and is well researched to be more effective than just CBD alone.  With our custom Cannabinoid blend as a foundation, we further enhanced the massage cream with several of the most prized botanical ingredients in the world such as: Green Tea Extract, Olive Squalane, Arnica Extract, Essential Oils and state-of-the-art anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol. For more detailed information, read more about our ingredients and our Proprietary Cannabinoid Blend Hemp Extract.
  • Luxury Glide Massage Oil - our massage oil is designed to mirror the same luxury ingredients as the massage cream but without CBD and Cannabinoids.  Instead, it’s job is to provide the therapist with precise control over glide and deliver the same great adaptogenic ingredients as the cream.  The massage therapist can use as much or as little of the Kalyan Massage Oil as necessary to achieve the optimal glide level that his/her modality requires and with minimal cost (< $1 per massage).
Game-changing Benefits
Because the Kalyan’s Massage System was designed as two distinct parts, it solves the problems facing all traditional CBD infused Massage Oils such as:
  • Inconsistent Treatment Cost For The Spa - Our CBD Massage cream comes in convenient pre-portioned treatment jars. With simple CBD massage oils, the size of the client determines the treatment cost to the spa.   On average, a massage takes 1.5 - 2oz of oil but this varies substantially based on the size of client. A larger client with more body hair or dry skin will use more massage oil which costs the spa more and diminishes profits. Each pre-portioned Kalyan treatment jar is a fixed cost.
  • Inconsistent Dosing For Clients - Similarly, smaller clients get less CBD and larger clients get more.  This means inconsistent dosing.  They all pay the same amount for the CBD upgrade but their size determines how much oil they’ll need for their massage and thus their dose.  The Kalyan pre-portioned CBD Massage Cream treatment jars each contain 220mg of CBD and 22mg of CBG so approximately 250mg of Cannabinoids.  The cost per jar is fixed and does not vary because of the size of the client.
  • Theft / Loss - CBD products are in high demand and unfortunately, this can lead to therapists pouring some of the CBD massage oil into their own bottles for home use themselves.  Equally bad is that massage oil can easily be spilled.  Our pre-portioned treatment jars eliminate this risk to spa profits because each CBD massage can easily be dispensed a pre-portioned treatment jar to be used in the massage.  No chance of spillage or theft.
  • Underpowered CBD Levels -  Typical CBD Massage Oils contain 30-40mg of CBD per oz.  This is usually CBD isolate rather than rich broad spectrum cannabinoids found in our proprietary blend. This is because CBD isolate is substantially cheaper for the manufacturer than high quality broad spectrum hemp extract.  It also means that a CBD massage using simple CBD massage oil will max out 2oz * 40mg of CBD or 80mg.  At 250mg of cannabinoids our pre-portioned treatment jars pack a punch at over 300% more CBD delivered to help clients.
  • Bad Value Bang For The Buck - retail market price of CBD products is in the $.05-.10 cents per mg.  Consumers are becoming more savvy and will not tolerate being overcharged for a small amount of CBD.  So for example, if the spa charges $25 for a CBD upgrade that delivers only 80mg of CBD then the price per mg to the client is over $.31 / mg of CBD.  This is three times the going market price for CBD and a savvy customer will think twice.
  • Untargeted Application of CBD - when people come in for a massage, they typically have problem areas such as their neck and shoulders or lower back.  Traditional CBD massage oils have CBD equally dispersed throughout the oil at very low concentrations such as 30-40mg per oz.  The Kalyan pre-portioned treatment jars are much more concentrated than traditional CBD massage oils (over 10x per oz)  and are designed to optimize and target the Cannabinoids in the problem areas where they can have the most effect for the client.  It makes no sense to massage CBD into areas of the body that don’t need it.  Instead the Kalyan Massage System gives the therapist precise control over exactly where to target the CBD for problem areas.
  • Not Suitable For Spot Applications At Home By Clients - Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the Kalyan two part massage system is that the same CBD Massage Cream that is used by the massage therapist for treatment can also be used by the client for use at home.  Common uses are for soothing muscle and joint pain in the hands, knees, frequent lower back pain, stiff shoulders, sore feet etc.  Since The Kalyan CBD Massage Cream is concentrated and absorbs relatively quickly, clients can apply it at work or on the go quickly and easily as a spot application for fast, targeted relief.  This simply doesn’t work with a massage oil.  It’s too messy and doesn’t pack enough of a CBD punch.  Conversely, spa clients can buy retail formats of the Kalyan CBD Massage Cream and use it at home, work or wherever they may be when they need relief.  This retail up-sell path dramatically increases the spa’s overall revenue potential with a 1+2 punch.  First the client tries the CBD cream as an upgrade for a massage creating increased treatment revenue and then turns around and buys a retail jar or two for use at home or as a gift for a loved one.
Pricing & How To Add Kalyan CBD Massage Upgrades To The Spa Treatment Menu
The Kalyan CBD Massage System is a revolutionary new approach for spas to dramatically increase treatment and retail revenue.  Our innovative pre-portioned treatment jars are the most cost effective approach for spas to add CBD Upgrades to their treatment menus at cost to the spa of about $6 per treatment jar.   CBD Upgrades can be added to the menu for $20-25 for a small day spa and $35-45 (or more) at a luxury resort.  It’s recommended the upgrade not cost more than $45 even at a luxury resort.  The lower the cost of the upgrade, the more guests that will opt for the upgrade.  The more guests that opt for the upgrade in a treatment, the more guests that will turn into conversions and buy at-home jars off the spa’s retail shelves.  Sacrificing a small amount on the cost of the treatment upgrade can translate into a big boost to retail revenue because more people had a great test-drive experience with the Kalyan CBD Massage Cream during their massage treatment.  It’s a best practice to have the massage therapist reserve a small amount of the Kalyan CBD Massage Cream in the pre-portioned treatment jar and give it to the client as a gift after the massage.  This can really help drive the follow-on retail jar purchase to maximize revenue potential.
Here are three most proven suggested treatment menu options:
  • Kalyan CBD Full Body Massage Upgrade ($20-50) - use with all modalities (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu etc).  Apply Kalyan CBD Massage Cream to problem areas first.  Apply Kalyan Massage Oil afterwards as needed to achieve desired level of glide.
  • Kalyan High Performance Full Body Massage ($40-60) - Same as before except making it a double with two of the Kalyan Treatment jars used in the treatment instead of one. 
  • Kalyan CBD Spot Treatment Upgrade ($20-30) - offer spot treatments in combination with other treatments that have a short massage component such as manicures, pedicures and facials.  The Kalyan CBD Massage Cream pre-portioned treatment jar will provide sufficient glide such that the Kalyan Massage Oil will not be needed for the short massage.