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Palo Santo Sticks 2 pack

Kalyan Botanicals

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Palo Santo is revered as a sacred tree people feel to be magical.  Palo Santo wood is known for its medicinal benefits and inviting mysterious sweet, woodsy, citrus and slight mint aroma enticing scent.  The Spaniards named it Palo Santo, which translates into Holy Wood and The Wood of the Saints.

A unique fact is Palo Santo wood is cut only from naturally dead trees or branches.  Living Palo Santo Trees that are freshly cut, won’t produce its distinctive aroma and won’t retain its special properties.  Palo Santo trees needs to die on its own, then dry for a minimum of four years, which enables its mystical internal sap to crystalize.
Palo Santo creates an inviting smoke used during space energy clearing ceremonies and is believed to spark creativity, enhance good fortune and clear away evil spirits and negativity.  Many people use Palo Santo while meditating and to connect with their inner vibration.
Kalyan Botanicals supports a 100% eco-friendly and sustainable restoration of the dry forests of Palo Santo.